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ConcreteGo.com® is a central dispatch solution tailored for the ready-mix concrete and materials industry. Like any other central dispatch product, ConcreteGo helps producers allocate resources effectively, improve operation efficiency and provide better customer care. Applying cloud-computing technology, ConcreteGo delivers all the functions and benefits of a dispatch system, over through a secure Internet site. It can reduce, or even eliminate, the hassle of building and maintaining an IT infrastructure and complex private network previously necessary to maintaining a central dispatch.

Our system is easy to learn and use. All you need is a PC with broad-band internet access such as cable, Fios, DSL or a wireless Internet card. Simply open Internet Explorer, type in www.concretego.com and log in with your user name and password. Now you are ready to start using the central dispatch. SYSDYNE staff can complete the initial setup quickly, importing data from accounting, batch systems, or other dispatch systems. Training is done on-site or remotely. Total implementation takes from two weeks to one month for most producers.

The following are some feature highlights with screen shots:

  • ConcreteGo enables dispatchers to enter orders efficiently with utilities such as auto-complete, mapping, routing, and automatic travel estimates.


  • ConcreteGo’s tracking screen manages plants, orders and trucks. Truck status is automatically updated when interfaced with a GPS status system, such as Trimble GPS signaling system and Trakit GPS system, which are readily available. We can also build custom interface with other GPS systems upon request.


  • ConcreteGo will work with any batch control that supports the Universal-Link protocol, and offers two-way communication. These features allow plants to centrally manage and adjust all mix designs via dispatch. In addition, our program allows dispatch to extract batch weights as soon as the load is finished.


  • The built-in Concrete Messenger application optimizes communication between dispatch and batching personnel. Drivers with trucks using GPS systems that support messaging can also communicate with the team.


  • ConcreteGo.com manages item, customer-, project-, or plant-specific pricing. Built with the concrete industry in mind, it is capable of understanding minimum load charges, truck overtime charges, freight per load or per yard charges, fuel surcharges, environmental surcharges, seasonal charges, late delivery charges, weekend charges, and more. ConcreteGo can also interface with back office and accounting systems to automatically bill completed orders.


  • ConcreteGo’s reporting modules provide a vast array of reports to track plant productivity, batching accuracy, material requirements, inventory, scheduling, sales, driver productivity, pricing & quotations, key performance indicators, dispatch performance, service, and profitability.


ConcreteGo.com enables concrete producers to increase productivity, ensure on-time delivery, reduce delivery costs, improve cooperation among multiple facilities, decrease dispatchers’ workloads and enhance communication between management and production personnel.

Please contact us for more information about Concretego.com.

We offer the comparison chart below to give you an idea of the cost-savings between ConcreteGo and traditional central dispatch solutions.

If you are interested in knowing specific dollar savings, please use our savings calculator.

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Item Traditional Dispatch ConcreteGo.com
Software License Up front cost of thousands of dollars to purchase initial software license. No upfront cost for software. Software as a service. Pay as you go.
Hardware Servers, switches, routers, and workstations needed to create private network with dispatch software spec-requirements. Minimum cost: $10,000 - $20,000. Any available Windows PCs that are internet ready.
Connectivity T1 lines required in order to use remote access software for each client/terminal. Cost of $400 to $600 per line per month. Static IP requirement increases the cost. Broadband internet for dispatch terminals. Cost of $50 to $100 per line per month. Dial-up is suitable for plants without terminals. Cost of $10 per line per month. Static IP is not required.
Recurring Charges Enhancement & Maintenance Contract required for tech support and upgrades paid annually, quarterly, or monthly. Software as a service. Pay as you go. Monthly charge is usually less than the amount for Enhancement & Maintenance of a traditional system.
Implementation Time consuming network and hardware set-up, plus software installation, requiring staff time or IT firm (extra cost). Software must be installed, settings checked and information keyed-in before the system is ready for use. Training is usually done at vendor seminars. Time frame: 3 – 6 months or more. Initial system set-up done by SYSDYNE staff. If needed, data can be imported from accounting, batch systems, or other dispatch. The system will be ready for use within a week or two. Training can be done on-site or remotely. Total time: 2 weeks – 1 month.
Maintenance Hardware must be replaced regularly. IT industry standard is 3 years. Concrete industry average is 6 years. Hardware replacement done by IT personnel or contracted firm. IT personnel or firm must also be kept on hand to keep system running. Buy new internet ready Windows PCs, as needed.
Upgrades & Fixes Released annually by vendor. Must be installed on system. Could have new hardware requirements. Difficult and time consuming and must be performed by an IT professional. Continually added live to the system! No local installation necessary. Performed by SYSDYNE.
Payment Flexibility Payment based on initial system cost which is to meet max capacity of trucks, users, and plants. Payment based on actual usage each month. Can be scaled up or down as needed.

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Is my information secure?
Do I need special software or hardware to use the ConcreteGo system?
If all you need to connect to ConcreteGo is a PC and internet access, how do I prevent users from accessing the system from home?
Do I need high-speed internet?
Do I need Dedicated T1 lines or a VPN?
Where will my information be stored?
What are the upfront system costs?
What are charges based on?
Is there a discount for plants that are not open year round?
How many users can I have and how much will it cost?
How many trucks can I have?
Can I interface with third party accounting/back office systems?
Can I transfer the data from my old system to my ConcreteGo account?
How reliable is ConcreteGo?
What if my internet connection goes down?
How are upgrades implemented?
What if there isn't a report or feature that I need?
What kind of support is available?
How long does implementation take?